My Russ Bear Collection


Harrison                                Brenton le4                    Bentley  


                                            Claridge                       Harlington


Ting                                     Sandy                          Coleridge


Hanley le9                             Wellesley                   Ebbets le10  big/small


Tat                                        Ickey                         Garth Brooks


Courtney                              Gerri junior/senior       Woodroffe


                   William RWC                         Chadfield                   Cobby large/small


                  Tilly                                       Legacy                        Mary Jane



                  Inga                                       Wally med/small          Mookie


                  Wee Belly Buttons                  Alanna                        Honeysett




        Elvis Collection blue hawii,jail house rock,va las vagas,king of rock



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